A highly regarded brand the world over, the range stretches from VS to XO and beyond, with the prestige cuvée Richard Hennessy being truly exceptional.

The families coat of arms, the 'Bras Armee' became the brands symbol back in 1856. The iconic fist clutching a hatchet refers to the founder Richard Hennessy's 12-year army career with the French, earning him French citizenship. 

A pioneering family in the Cognac business, Maurice Hennessy, great-grandson of Richard, created his own star based Coganc classification. Using varying numbers of stars to designate different quality, the entire industrry soon adopted the same system. Hennessy's Three Star is today known as V.S. Maurice later wen on to create the X.O classification also, a style of Cognac which was originally destined for family and friends of the owner.

Whilst many will know of Hennessy through its many references in rap music, Hennessy also collaborate regularly with musicians and artists. Discover more about their collaboration with urban art pinoeer JonOne who created a limited edition bottle design in 2017 for their V.S Cognac.



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