Richard Braastad
Richard Braastad

Five generations later, we are still making world-class cognac, applying the same care and craftsmanship as our founder did over 130 years ago. We are still in charge of our House of Cognac, doing everything from harvesting grapes, producing wine, distilling cognac and ma­turing the noble, golden liquid for generations in our own humid cellars by the Charente river in the heart of Cognac.

The cellar master, Richard Braastad, keeps a traceability of each cognac and uses his memory and his olfactory and gustatory senses to remember the blending recipes. Today, the company is proud to pursue an ancestral know-how & to share its Franco-Norwegian culture around the world. Three main values are dear to the family :  authenticity, traceability & quality that everyone can find back in each our bottles.

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