Patte Blanche was created in 2019 – after Pierre Chainier, the grandson of the founder of the distillery saw a gap in the market for organic cognac. The distillery has been in the family for three generations now. Starting off by distilling the produce from the surrounding producers and selling the eau de vie to the big Maisons de cognac - the distillery over the years has managed to accumulate a vast collection of cognac and organic cognac in our aging cellars. 

As of now we still bay the grapes from the surrounding producers as well as our own grapes - we vinify – distill and aged them onsite. The grapes are 100% uni blanc from the “Petite Champagne” region of Cognac – and of course, are 100% organic. They are aged in French oak barrels for a minimum of two years.

Cognac VS

This VS offers notes of pear, slightly apple. Over time, light spicy notes, cloves, and vanilla appear to perfect its elegance. The mouth is lively, reflecting the passion of his youth.

Cognac VSOP

This Cognac is exceptional for the fruity notes it expresses. Of a rare intensity, mixture of pear, quince, and muscat. The woody and spicy notes add to the tasting a great complexity that will delight all lovers. In the mouth, this VSOP will surprise you with its richness and harmony.

Cognac XO

With a beautiful golden color, we find aromas of candied citrus fruits, giving way to those of dried fruits (nuts, hazelnuts). Softness and power are harmonized. At first round and slightly sweet, it explodes on an aromatic palette that changes throughout the tasting.

Cognac EXTRA

Its colour is old gold with brown reflections. The notes of candied citrus leave room for those of dried fruits (nuts, hazelnuts) and spices (nutmeg, cloves). The rich and complex palate is characterized by exceptional length.

The complex blend of aromas of spices, wood, and quince makes this Cognac exceptional nectar.

The Line-Up

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