Cognac is coming back, in a big way.

After crossing the six-million-case mark with 9.7% growth in 2017, Cognac has now expanded its volume in the U.S. alone by nearly 2 million cases in just the past three years. With demand skyrocketing, particularly for the VS segment, keeping adequate supply in the pipeline is now the major concern for producers.

Production of Hennessy, for example, is now nearly twice as large as it was in 2012. To continue this growth, Hennessy must continuously improve and build on their supply development efforts, including expanding relationships with growers, new plantations, and strategic investments. And Hennessy is not alone. Cognac houses like Rémy Martin have also had a strong year, growing upwards of 10% in 2017 alone.

The take away here – Cognac is on the rise, and this growth will continue as more and more consumers discover the versatility of this no-longer-forgotten spirit. We look forward to seeing the category continue this renaissance.


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