Avallen Calvados
Avallen Calvados

We use 40 varieties of apples, with 2% of them grown on site at  Distillerie Coquerel. The rest come from up to 300 farmers situated within 20km of the distillery. La Manche, the region of Normandy where we make our delicious Calvados, is pesticide free since 2016. This is important for both sustainability and flavour.

Avallen is aged in French oak casks for two  years in the heart of La Manche, Normandy, for a liquid that is fresh, crisp and unapologetically apple forward. The whole process is natural using only wild yeast present on the apple skins and no  added sugar, caramel or boisé ensuring a 100% natural product. Designed very much with bartenders in mind. The bottle is simple, light with elegant lines,  feels good in the hand and fits in the speedwell. Every design decision made took into consideration the most eco-friendly options  from printing with sustainable dyes on  re-purposed apple waste paper to removing  all varnishes and plastic. 


Calvados to sample at show

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