Eric Forget
Eric Forget

Born in 1962, Eric Forget obtained a degree in Oenology following military service in Germany as an officer.  He first worked in Cognac for Prince Hubert de Polignac/Reynac in 1985 where he was in charge of the Pineau des Charentes production (leader of this market).

He was then Cellar Master for Monnet for 3 years.  Following the acquisition of Monnet in 1991 by Hennessy, he became responsible for the liaison between Hennessy and their suppliers (wine growers/distillers).  He was also a member of the Hennessy tasting team.

In 1999, Eric Forget joined Hine Cognac as the Cellar Master and consequently also became Production Manager.  Bernard Hine who “officially” retired at the end of 2001 spent his last few years at Hine passing on the ultimate secrets of the Hine philosophy and his art of blending to Eric.

Today Eric is responsible for assembling the exceptional blends of Hine Cognac and for nurturing as they age, their valuable casks of Jarnac matured and Early Landed Grande Champagne Vintage Cognacs.  He was joined in 2017 by Deputy Cellar Master Pierre Boyer.

He is also Director of the Hine estates and vineyards (Grande and Petite Champagne) which he manages together with Pierre Boyer.


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