By buying a ticket for Cognac Show, you agree to abide by these common-sense GUIDELINES which have been designed to ensure a convivial, safe environment for everyone at the Show.

  • Cognac Show unequivocally promotes and encourages responsible drinking by all visitors to the Show
  • The legal drinking age in the UK is 18 years old. The Show Organisers may ask for proof of ID from any guests whom they believe to be underage.
  • The Show is all about Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, education, fun and enjoyment – not excess. In this respect, the Show believes in quality over quantity.
  • Visitors are strongly encouraged to eat before the Show.
  • Visitors are encouraged to drink plenty of water in between samples and take regular breaks from tasting during the Show.
  • There will be spittoons and free drinking water available on all exhibitor stands and in easily visible locations throughout the venue.
  • As part of their duty of care to the Show’s visitors, exhibitors will not serve anyone whom they believe to have consumed an excessive amount of alcohol.
  • Safety Stewards will be on duty at the Show for the help and protection of all visitors and exhibitors.
  • The Stewards will ask anyone who is inebriated or who becomes disruptive or offensive to other visitors or exhibitors to leave the Show.
  • No re-admittance will be granted to anyone who has been asked to leave the Show or who has been removed from the Show for the above reasons.

The above guidelines, if followed correctly, should greatly enhance Visitors’ enjoyment of the Show and appreciation of the spirits available on the day.

Sampling policy

  • Following exhibitor feedback at previous events there is a strict sampling policy in place at Cognac Show.
  • All samples will be poured by exhibitors only into the sample glasses provided and must be consumed at the Show.  It is against Show policy for samples to be poured or transferred into sample bottles and taken away from the venue. We ask that all Show Visitors familiarise themselves with the following important sampling policy conditions:
  • Please do not bring empty sample bottles into the venue or transfer samples provided by the exhibitors into any vessel other than the Show tasting glass. Visitors bringing sample bottles to the Show venue will be asked to dispose of them before entry to the Show is permitted. During the event, any sample bottles or other vessels discovered by Show staff to contain alcohol will be confiscated.
  • Any visitor to the Show found in possession of sample bottles (empty or full) during the Show will be asked to leave the venue.
  • Please refrain from soliciting samples from exhibitors to be taken from the venue for consumption elsewhere. Exhibitors will be asked to report any instances of this activity, and Show staff will ask anyone found to be ignoring this rule to leave the venue.
  • There will be no refunds or re-entry for anyone asked to leave the Show as a result of breaching any of the above conditions.
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