Cognac was once the UK’s favourite spirit – and we want to see it back on the podium. We want to see it return to its former glory with Cognac Show, allowing you a chance to reacquaint yourself with this wonderful spirit. 

Being an aged spirit, naturally similar to whisky, Cognac deserves to be revered and understood. There is so much variety and complexity within the category and we’re here to show you just that, by placing Cognac firmly centre stage.

There are so many undiscovered distilleries in Cognac. Many of you will be familiar with the larger houses but we often only see only a handful of brands. With so many more unknown houses, what better a way to discover them than under one roof.

Whether you’re a Cognac connoisseur or a complete novice, Cognac Show is the place to discover the charm and wonder of this French spirit. The show will celebrate the big Cognac houses alongside smaller producers, and everything they create in the chalky hills of western France.

For visitors wanting to get a flavour for the more experimental and contemporary side of the Cognac industry, there’ll be sensory experiences throughout the show and cocktails served up by one of the region’s most well-known names.

Connoisseurs with a lifelong love of the spirit might like to indulge in the grandes dames of Cognac with special tokens giving access to a selection of super-premium old and rare bottles.

All visitors will have the chance to get up close and personal with the makers from the likes of Rémy Martin, Hennessy and Frapin, to garner an understanding of the passion and dedication (and time!) that goes into the creation of one of the world’s most complex spirits. To top all this off, there will be more than 150 Cognacs available to try. 

This two-day celebration of Cognac will enlighten your senses and ignite a love for this most luxurious of spirits. Simply leave your slippers and smoking jacket at the door – this is the new world of Cognac.


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