Alexandre Gabriel - Founder and Master Blender
Alexandre Gabriel - Founder and Master Blender

“At Maison Ferrand, we nurture Cognac the same way one nurtures a child.” -Alexandre Gabriel 

Since 1630, in the heart of the vineyards of Cognac, 10 generations of Elie Ferrand’s have passed down not only their name but an abiding knowledge of the vine and of distillation. The current owner, Alexandre Gabriel has spent the last 28 years devoting his time to studying and perfecting techniques used by these men of character, for whom a great cognac was above all the fruit of patient work on a great terroir.

This research, and ancient facilities, has allowed the house to produce fine examples of Grande Champagne Cognacs, as well as re-creating styles of Cognac lost over time including a mixing Cognac so prized by Gerry Thomas from 1840 and experimental expressions aged in alternative wood barrels, as well as a sumptuous dry curacao that features on most top bars.

Cognacs from Ferrand Cognac Available to sample at the show

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