Pierre Vaudon, Maître de Chai of Cognac Voyer, is also responsible for his family estate, along with his father, Bernard. The family can trace their distilling origins in the region back to 1771, and have produced exceptional Cognacs all along - their 1811 vintage won a gold medal in the fair of 1913. As with the eaux-de-vie of François Voyer, Pierre uses an old style of distillation on the lees learned from his grandfather, which gives a rich, elegant eau-de-vie. 

In contrast to the intense elegance of the Grande Champagne, the Fins Bois region produces fruitier, naturally sweeter eaux-de-vie. Pierre ages these in both tight- and loose-grain oak barrels, using both new and old before blending to create his Cognacs.

The range includes the 2-3yr unfiltered Fine Rare, highlighting the characteristics of the region, the multicru VSOP & XO, which show the elegance & complexity of Cognac assemblage, and the Barriques 78 & 80, a 100% Fins Bois single cask from two vintages bottled at 48%.

Cognacs from Vaudon Available to sample from the show

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