Whether you’re a Cognac connoisseur or a complete novice, The Virtual Cognac Show is the place to discover the charm and wonder of this French spirit. Our virtual show will celebrate the big Cognac houses alongside smaller producers, and everything they create in the chalky hills of western France as well as our two guest spirits - Calvados and Armagnac. 

Remember ticket holders will receive a £5 discount on all Virtual Cognac Show Tasting Sets - so don't delay and get your tickets before ordering.  

Please note - this is the first wave of Perfect Measure Tastings sets and we'll be adding to the list in the coming weeks with some truly fantastic line-ups. From Provenance & Terroir in the Cognac Region to The Future of Cognac with Hardy, Remi Landier and Jean-Luc Pasquet as well as house focused tastings from Hine, Braastad, Rémy Martin, A.E Dor and many more! A full schedule of all our tastings will be published in the following weeks. 

Virtual Cognac Show

Tasting Sets

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