Rémy Martin
Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin uses only fruit from the most revered vineyards in Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, whose terroirs provide ideal conditions to ripen the grapes to perfection. The only major cognac house to specialise exclusively in Cognac Fine Champagne, their blends contain at least 50% Grande Champagne grapes, with the rest coming from the surround area known as Petite Champagne. These regions are famous for their chalky soils which are soft and porous, allowing the vine's roots to grow freely. Once distilled, its eaux-de-vie boast a rich and harmonious palette of aromas. More than any others, they are particularly suited to ageing. 

Originally a young winemaker, Rémy Martin began selling cognac under his own name in 1724 and just 14 years later was granted the right to plant new vines in recognition of the excellence of his cognacs by King Louis XV of France. The house honoured this milestone with its Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal, the ultimate expression of craftsmanship and boasting woody notes from longer ageing in toasted Limousin barrels.

Rémy Martin’s values are rooted in the chalky soil, talent and community. Fifty years ago, Rémy Martin created the Alliance Fine Champagne, a winegrowing cooperative, allowing growers to provide Rémy Martin with a selection unique eaux-de-vie in an equitable partnership. Today, this Alliance counts roughly 800 growers, many have been working with Rémy Martin for generations.

The range includes the iconic Rémy Martin VSOP, the first VSOP Cognac Fine Champagne blend to be created and the first to be enshrined in a frosted bottle in 1972, Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal aged in toasted oak barrels and Rémy Martin XO, the excellence of Cognac Fine Champagne with a blend of up to 400 eaux-de-vie, which perfectly reveals its aromatic complexity when enjoyed with food.  

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Cognacs from Remy Martin Available to sample at the show

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