If you are in Cognac, France, Bar Luciole is the place to explore the wonders of Cognac, but seeing as we’re in London, we're bringing the bar to you. Bar Luciole is taking over The Cognac Show’s pop-up bar and will be crafting some delicious signature Cognac cocktails. Discover how the spirit of France becomes the star ingredient in a range of handcrafted cocktails.

Here's a look at what they'll be crafting:

  • Spitfire : Cognac, crème de pêche, lemon juice, sugar syrup, white wine
  • Firefly : Cognac, homemade ginger syrup, lemon juice, angostura bitter, soda water
  • Harvard : Cognac, sweet vermouth, orange bitter
  • Sidecar : Cognac, triple sec, lemon juice
  • Luciole’s Old Fashioned : Cognac, sugar, oak chips, Cognac reduction bitter
  • Butter Kir Royal : Cognac, butter liqueur, champagne



Buy your ticket now

  • Only £40

    Friday: 17:30-21:45

    Day ticket

    27 Apr 2018

  • Only £45

    Saturday: 12:30-18:30

    Day ticket

    28 Apr 2018

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