The Camus family see themselves as winegrowers, explorers and passionate lovers of taste. As the largest landowners in the Cognac Borderies region, it comes as no suprise that eaux-de-vies from this region are a key componant in their Cognacs. Borderies was an area that was generally overlooked but Jean-Paul Camus saw the potential in this region's unique terroir. Guided by his intuition, the company chose to develop the Borderies style and introduce the world to a new style of Cognac.

Camus distil both with and without the lees, providing the cellar master with plenty of options when it comes to blending the house's many Cognacs. When selecting the various barrels to make the final product, the cellar master often chooses barrels with lightly tannic character to provide a roundness of flavour and ensure that all of the traditional Camus aromatic qualities are present.



The Line-Up

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