“Passion for cognac but also passion for nature and exploration. This is what my great grandfather Thomas had when he arrived in Cognac and set up his business. I consider the history of Maison Bache-Gabrielsen to be a great adventure, which began over a century ago and it is creativity, panache and the people we meet that are the keys to our continuity. Our universe is madeup of these spaces that allow us to nourish this creativity, keep up our spirit, favour these encounters… And contribute to the Bache-Gabrielsen adventure!”

- Herve Bache-Gabrielsen, CEO and fourth generation of Bache-Gabrielsen

At Bache-Gabrielsen we aim to make each cognac an ambassador of the diversity of cognac, revealing a typicality linked to the vintage, the grape variety, the ageing process, the wood essence of the barrel or the “terroir”. The possibilities of discovery are endless.

Our cellars have been purposely arranged to bring roundness to our cognacs, a characteristic touch of Maison Bache-Gabrielsen’s style.

Particular attention to distillation, to the choice of oak wood and to the humidity of our cellars are all examples of the savoir-faire that is necessary throughout the long process of creating the final blend.

Jean-Philippe Bergier, our Cellar Master for more than 30 years is an expert in selecting, aging, and blending the eaux-de-vie from our region.

Each one of our cognacs has its own story to tell, its own inspirations. For us, creating cognac is an adventure, a treasure hunt. Each blend is Jean-Philippe Bergier’s own masterpiece, expressing its creativity and talent in playing with the crus, the oak qualities, and the cellars’ conditions, revealing how the process is part of the quality of the product.




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