Père Magloire Calvados
Père Magloire Calvados

Located in the heart of the Pays d’Auge region, in Normandy, Père Magloire is one of the oldest maison of Calvados and Père Magloire’s calvados are part of Normandy’s heritage and of the national legacy.

Père Magloire is a testament to this French sate of mind, blend of spontaneity, authenticity and elegance, set against the background of the Normandy countryside and homely French villages shaped by the centuries. The history of Père Magloire, impersonated by a generous and charismatic Norman innkeeper, starts the same year as the death of Napoléon, in 1821. The search for higher quality and the respect of tradition rapidly make its name famous in Paris during the 1920’s, where his face can be seen on many posters. Since then, eight generations of cellar masters have succeeded each other, perpetuating through centuries the unique style of Père Magloire’s calvados.

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