From the five or six hundred producers of cognac in the cantons of Cognac, Hermitage Cognacs carefully select their golden nectars from barrels where history has stood still. Many of our cognacs have vintages, the others, age statements which define the period of time spent in barrels. 

We seek history and provenance for our cognacs, but also look for smaller details such as cellar location and humidity, size and type of oak barrels along with their toasting and age. We look at the size and shape of the still on which our cognacs are made and perhaps most importantly, the families who have made them and their belief in producing cognac that will be different from the rest.

Each Hermitage Cognac is individually chosen to bring pleasure to those who really do understand the finest in Premier Cru Cognacs.  We are proud to supply some of the world's finest purveyors of luxury brandy.

Cognacs to sample at the show

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