Rémi Landier
Rémi Landier

The origin of Rémi Landier dates back to the late 19th century, when Julien Girard (Remi Landier’s grandfather) stood in Cors, a litlle hamlet in the Fins Bois area, and planted in 1890 his first vines. The unique terroir of Fins Bois called “Terre de Groie” became the family territory.

To find the first traces of a still in this little village please go back to the early eighteenth century when Benedictine monks from closest Bassac Abbey established their owned farm on this exceptional site, called in the past “Premier Bois”. The site was then already renowned for the quality of its eaux-de-vie. The monks started to produce Cognac in this area before the French revolution. Then they have given up the farm and local farmers carried on with the tradition on producing Cognac as the Landier family did. Realizing the uniqueness of their terroir and the eaux-de-vie it produces, Remi Landier and his sons created in 1973 their eponymous brand of cognac. As an heritage of more than 200 years tradition the Rémi Landier Cognac agreed with Benedictine monks to use “Pax“ emblem as their brand logo. And as distillers for some of Cognac’s largest trading houses, they only produce a small quantity under their own label. For this reason, Remi Landier has long been in the heart of cognac experts.

Today, Geraldine LANDIER fifth generation of producers, offers a full range of cognacs: VS to XO as well as rare and limited editions. Their Pineaux des Charentes also benefits from an excellent reputation.


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