Experience taught us that 10% of Cognac qualitative differentiation comes from soil, 40% from pot still distillation and 50% from barrel ageing.

The unique concentration and aromatic expression of our eaux-de-vie originates straight out of our distillery legacy with our one-of-a-kind technical path. Mr Leopold Gourmel was a saddle-maker and a famous vine grower on Ré-island. When his grandson Pierre Voisin created his distillery, he named it with the same name to pay him tribute.     

Our craft distillation approach distinguishes our house. With a focus on the de-standardisation of our eaux-de-vie, we are aiming to extract most qualitative aromas out of our wines. We carry out fat distillation (with the lies) to get more complexity and aromatic concentration.

We operate a special ageing process called « à la Gourmel ». Our casks have in majority a capacity of 350 Liters, they are slightly toasted (medium toast) to unleash less tannins and preserve Cognac aromas. Every distillation is on average aged in 30% new oak casks. We operate a rotation between new and second-hand casks during the first 24 months. Reduction is carried out with our own patented process. Lots are split in two: one of which is reduced to 30° and called “weak” whilst the other is at 68° and called “strong”. The reduction takes place by pouring strong on weak, dropping by 3° every three months and thus avoiding soapy taste. The well treated eaux-de-vie showcase their utmost qualitative aromas.

The Line-Up

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