Back in 1970, my father-in-law Jean-Luc Pasquet, took over the family estate from his uncle, Albert Brisson. Then, there were 8 hectares, nearly 20 acres, of Grande and Petite Champagne vines, the first growth areas of the cognac appellation. Jean, my husband, grew up on the property with the passion that his parents passed on to him. At his father’s retirement in 2011, Jean was ready to continue sharing the joy of cognac which had been transmitted to him.

Terroir and its expression are of utmost importance to us. All the eaux-de-vie distilled from wine from the region are noble, but each is endowed with different qualities according to its specific origins. Each terroir confers its unique traits on the cognac produced there. We cannot claim to have the best terroir, but it certainly has its own character, being situated on either side of the border between Grande and Petite Champagne.

We believe that the wine and its lees are inseparable for the distillation process. Only native yeast from each plot of vines ferments our harvest and bestows it with its unique aromatic palette. The entire double distillation process is closely monitored by Jean-Luc, who remains our master distiller, and all selections are made by hand and nosing. Our eaux-de-vie are expressions of our terroir and completely artisanal. We experiment to continue learning and gaining experience in the art of distillation in order to craft balanced, elegant, yet robust cognacs.

For us, 2 years is not enough to achieve the flavor ambiance that we aspire to achieve in a young cognac. Our L’Organic 04, our youngest fresh and fruity expression is matured 4-5 years before being hand-bottled on our property. Only Jean’s meticulous work in our cellars allows us to offer you cognacs with different aromatic identities. We work hand-in-hand with our local, artisanal cooperage to accompany our eaux-de-vie to maturity with no additives. Our cognacs shine for the eaux-de-vie themselves.

The Line-Up

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