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  • Croizet & Co Grand Fine Champagne Reserve Royale Vintage 1811

    Croizet & Co Grand Fine Champagne Reserve Royale Vintage 1811

    Croizet was founded in 1805 by Leon Croizet. The house owns 58 hectares of vineyard in the top Grande Champagne cru, and became famous when a bottle of its Cuvee Leonie (from the 1858 vintage) sold for more than £100,000 at auction in 2011.

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  • Cockburn Liqueur Brandy 1885 Grande Fine Champagne

    An old bottling of Cognac from historical Port merchant Cockburn & Co of Leith. This bottle contains Grande Fine Champagne Cognac and will make a great addition to an antique spirits collection.

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  • L'Or de Jean Martell Cognac

    Not to be confused with the previous Martell L'Or, L'Or de Jean Martell is packaged in a remarkable crystal decanter and contains the company's finest stock of old Borderies and Grande Champagne.

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  • Marett & Co VVSOP Bot.1950s

    An old bottle of Marett's VVSOP cognac - 'Very Very Special Old Pale'. The extra 'Very' is not only for show, as this is a cut above the regular VSOPs of the 1950s.

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  • Hardy Noces d'Albatre Grand Champagne

    Hardy Noces d'Albatre Grand Champagne

    This remarkable cognac is particularly well-developed on the nose, both mellow and subtle. Its delicate aromas offer sugary notes of candied fruit and sweet almond, combined with light vanilla and delicately spicy touches.

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  • A.E. DOR No.9

    An impressive and very limited release by A E Dor as part of their numbered Vieilles Reserves range. Number 9 was matured for half a century in oak casks until it hit the minimum legal strength of 40%. At that point, in 1964, it was transferred into large glass demijohns where it has sat, not ageing any further, until bottled. A rather special Cognac.

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  • AE Dor No.10

    A rare Cognac, limited to the contents of a few large glass demijohns discovered by AE Dor in a small cellar of a property in Grande Champagnes. Number 10 was matured in casks until it reached 41.5% abv and was then transferred into the demijohns, where it has sat since 1965. A very limited release.

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  • Hennessy 3 Star Bot.1940s

    A rather old bottle of Hennessy's 3 Star Cognac. This appears to have been produced during the 1940s.

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  • Hardy Noces de Diamant

    An old and well made cognac from Hardy, aged for at least 60 years in Limousin oak for a combination of fruit and rich leathery flavours. It is presented in a hand cut Cristalleries des Vosges decanter.

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  • Hennessy Paradis

    Hennessy Paradis is a cognac of extraordinary purity and finesse, with exceptional depth and elegance. A delightfully smooth, sophisticated digestif.

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  • Justerini & Brooks Grande Champagne Vintage 1992
  • Remy Martin Centaure De Diamant

    Rémy Martin's Centaure De Diamant is an exquisite blend of eaux-de-vie from Grande and Petite Champagne, matured for between 20 and 50 years. A rich Cognac that's presented in a diamond decanter with a cabochon stopper.

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  • Delamain Extra Cognac

    A gift pack from Delamain, containing not only their excellent Extra Cognac but also a pair of stemmed glasses to help you enjoy and share the bottle.

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  • Delamain Vintage 1988
  • Hine Triomphe Cognac Decanter

    An elegant presentation for Hine's premium Triomphe cognac. A complex spirit blended from over 50 carefully selected, well-aged cognacs all produced in Grande Champagne and matured in small casks in Hine's Jarnac cellars. A fantastic example of Hine's attention to quality.

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  • Martell Single Estate Domaine de Charbonnière Borderies

    Martell Single Estate Domaine de Charbonnière Borderies

    The launch of the Single Estate Collection captures the quintessence of Martell’s terroir and savoir-faire. This collection comprises extra old cognacs that are all products of a single ‘domain’ or estate.

  • Martell Single Estate Vignoble C. Mongillon Vintage 1989

    Martell Single Estate Vignoble C. Mongillon Vintage 1989

    This estate has been chosen for the quality and character endowed by its location, soil and climate, yielding grapes and, subsequently, eaux-de-vie with a distinctive identity.

  • Martell VOP 3 Star Bot.1950s

    An old bottle of Martell's 3* cognac (a category now known as VS), bottled in the 1950s, carrying the popular spring cap closure and adorned with a beautiful blue inked label.

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  • Martell VS Bot.1970s

    An old bottling of top selling Cognac brand Martell's VS. Founded in 1715, Martell are one of the oldest producers in the region. They use a high proportion of stock from the Borderies region, which gives nuttier notes than those from the Champagne regions. We estimate this was bottled in the 1970s.

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  • Remy Martin Carte Blanche a Baptiste Loiseau

    This limited-edition Cognac from Rémy Martin was created by cellar master Baptiste Loiseau who selected a single vat which he felt was closest to the house style. The result is a 20-year-old Cognac with notes of nutmeg, black tea and leather.

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