• Baptiste Loiseau

    Baptiste Loiseau

    Pierrette Trichet, former Rémy Martin Cellar Master, describes him as someone who demands a great deal of himself and of others, and who loves a challenge. She adds: “He chose the House of Rémy Martin and the House of Rémy Martin chose him. As well as his obvious skills, he has the moral and emotional intelligence needed to be a cellar master.”


    Baptiste has had a love of the earth from an early age. As a child, he spent much of his time with his grandparents, who were market gardeners. His memories also take him back to his childhood village at the time of the grape harvest. This passion for nature was the starting point for his career.

    Baptiste chose the royal route to become an agronomist and oenologist. He studied at the most prestigious schools between 2000 and 2004: the Institut National Agronomique Paris Grignon and then the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Montpellier (ENSAM).

    Determined and hard-working, Baptiste began his career in Pessac Léognan, then moved to South Africa and New Zealand before joining the BNIC – Bureau National Interprofessional du Cognac – as an experimental engineer in 2005. He was responsible for finding ways of improving the quality of Cognac wines through a rigorous analysis of the relationships between the soil, the climate and wine-making techniques. It was in this role that he joined Rémy Martin in 2007 as a consulting project engineer. He became a member of the Tasting Committee, first as an apprentice and then as an expert. As Baptiste himself says, “I matured at Rémy Martin.” The position gave him access to an extraordinary palette of eaux-de-vie samples: 1,500 to 2,000 to be tasted in five months.

    Alongside Pierrette Trichet, Baptiste learned to taste, select and blend with a rare finesse that only a real cellar master can feel and achieve. He was appointed deputy cellar master in 2011 and cellar master in spring 2014.

    Remaining close to the world of wine-growing and always careful in his choices, Baptiste Loiseau combines expertise with experience. His qualities are the guarantee of the Rémy Martin style for future generations.

  • Bénédicte Hardy

    Bénédicte Hardy

    Bénédicte Hardy was raised in and around the region of Cognac, attending high school in Cognac and university in Bordeaux. She went on to continue her education in Geneva, Switzerland where she received a degree in International Law. Rather than continue the legal path, she joined the family business in the late 1980s and has remained in the wine and spirits industry since.

    Bénédicte heads A. Hardy & Company in the United States and Canada. Along with her importer, Hardy USA, she has built and greatly strengthed the Hardy brand into what it is today.


  • Catherine & Louis Tercinier

    Catherine & Louis Tercinier

    Catherine and Louis Tercinier are the 5th generation of the Tercinier family to produce Cognacs. Since the 1990s, the production side of the family company has been under the control of Louis and the commercial side by his sister, Catherine.

    After many years of testing and careful tasting, the Terciniers are proud to have create the rare blend, Cognac du Millénaire.

  • David Boileau

    David Boileau

    A native of Cognac and esteemed representative of the spirit, David Boileau has comprehensive knowledge on all things Cognac. He travels the world educating as many people as possible about this divine spirit and aims to cultivate a culture of Cognac.

    David Boileau has worked as an ambassador for the official regulatory body of Cognac, the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC), for around ten years.

  • Fanny Fougerat

    Fanny Fougerat

    With her fiancée, Fanny Fougerat has taken control of her family estate to produce Fanny Fougerat Cognacs.

    She produces her Cognacs with grapes from the family's 30-hectares of vineyard land in Borderies and Fin Bois and distills at the family estate. Fanny works to valorize craftsmanship and reveal typicity. She produces almost all her Cognacs with Ugni Blanc.

  • Jean-Jaques Trijol

    Jean-Jaques Trijol

    In 1972, Jean-Jacques Trijol took over from his father, and with the same passion as his ancestors has preserved the family secret in making outstanding Cognac.

    In 2013, his two daughters, Anne-Sophie and Pauline joined him in running the property and its 22 stills.

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