• Cognac 101 Mini-masterclasses

    Cognac 101 Mini-masterclasses

    In this free class, available during each session of Cognac Show, Master of Wine Dawn Davies will use her expertise to guide you through the Cognac categories and beyond. You’ll sample four great brandies and emerge with a new level of Cognac confidence.

    The line-up:
    Hine Highball
    Reviseur VS
    Château de Montifaud VSOP
    Delamain Pale & Dry XO
    Baron de Sigognac Bas Armagnac

    Mini-masterclasses are free to all ticket holders. Please register on the day at show reception. 


  • Delamain Demarquette Taste Sensation

    Delamain Demarquette Taste Sensation

    In this limited-edition tasting, discover and enjoy the delicious levels of complexity of both chocolates crafted by multi-award-winning Master Chocolatier Marc Demarquette married with the unique and exquisitely fine Delamain Cognacs.

    Join Marc Demarquette himself to learn about the intricacies of pairing and discover the flavours that arise from matching the right chocolate with the right Cognac. The chocolates have been expertly crafted by Marc specifically for each Delamain Cognac, bringing you perfect combinations of flavour. We’ll complete the taste sensation with Delamain 1973, an exceptional 40-year-old single-cask Cognac only available to sample in this class – only 396 bottles were produced!

    The unique characteristics of the 1973 reflect its terroir of origin (Saint-Même), the year of its harvest (1973) and the conditions in which it was aged within the Delamain cellars in Jarnac. The 1973 vintage is a benchmark in terms of age and quality, with its noble nose of dry fruits, under wood and rancio, its fruity palate and lingering finish.

    The Chocolate Pairings
    Delamain Pale & Dry XO with Earl Grey
    Delamain Vesper XO with Plain Dark
    Delamain Le Très Vénéré with Fennel & Wild Honey
    Delamain Vintage 1973

    The extraordinary journey of taste awaits...

    *Please note: you must have a valid ticket to the Saturday evening session of Cognac Show to attend this masterclass.

  • Meet the Makers

    Meet the Makers

    Six incredible Cognacs, three influential makers, one hour of discovery  

    Join Eric Forget of Hine, Alexandre Gabriel of Ferrand Cognac and Catherine Tercinier of Vallein-Tercinier to discover the intricacies of France's finest spirit. Each maker has selected two Cognacs from their range and reserves to share and discuss with you. 

    Not available on the stands, sample Vallein-Tercinier Lot 40 Hommage, aged 77 years in cask, and Pierre Ferrand Ancestrale Grande Champagne Cognac - the only bottle in the UK. This rich mahogany coloured Cognac is the result of blending some of the oldest reserves in the Ferrand cellars where production is limited to just 300 bottles per year. 

    Few cognacs such as these reach such great ages and continue to improve. Guided by the makers themselves who meticulously blend these special expressions, this tasting is not to be missed.

    The line-up will include:

    • Vallein-Tercinier Lot 40 Hommage
    • Vallein-Tercinier Hors D'Age   
    • Ferrand Sélection de Anges
    • Ferrand Ancestrale Grande Champagne
    • Hine Homage
    • Hine Triomphe

    *Please note: you must have a valid ticket to the Saturday day session (12-4pm) of Cognac Show to attend this masterclass.

  • The Embodiment of Cognac

    The Embodiment of Cognac

    Louis XIII bottled in the 1950s, Hennessy No.1, Cordon Bleu bottled in the 1940s, Erte No.5 and Hine Antique bottled in the 1960s... all in one masterclass.

    Learn from Cognac collector and Whisky Exchange co-founder Sukhinder Singh while sampling old, rare and iconic Cognacs. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime masterclass highlighting the Cognacs that made the house, separating these now big names from the rest.

    You'll get to experience:

    Louis XIII bottled in the 1950s
    The icon of the Remy Martin brand, this bottle bears the original name “Age Inconnu” meaning age unknown. This Cognac became known worldwide as Louis XIII from the mid 1950s.

    Hennessy No.1
    Originally only given to VIPs visiting the house of Hennessy, this extremely rare Cognac is considered by many connoisseurs to be one of the best Cognacs ever to be bottled. The assemblage includes Cognacs dating back to the 1700s.

    Cordon Bleu bottled in the 1940s
    Since its creation in 1912, Cordon Bleu is the Cognac made Martell famous all over the world. Its quality is unparalleled - rich and nutty, with a heart of Borderies.

    Erte No.5
    Some of the most precious Grande Champagne Cognacs from Courvoisier were selected for this extraordinary blend. This Erte Series is a collection of 8 bottles, each release containing a unique blend of very old Grande Champagne Cognac - the oldest being from 1892.

    Hine Antique bottled in the 1960s
    A wonderfully old example of Hine’s highly acclaimed Cognac known as “Antique,” which still today is the flagship of this historic brand.

    *Please note: you must have a valid ticket to the Friday evening session of Cognac Show to attend this masterclass.


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