Experiential rooms at cognac show 2019


In the Martell experiential room, guests were invited to sit back, relax and enjoy a crêpe and cocktail while chilling to the sounds of French Hip Hop. Each attendee at show received a Crêpe Suzette flambéed with Martell Blue Swift and paired with a glass of Punch (3 different recipes to choose from).

For the full Martell and Cognac experience, guests were invited to read ‘A Cognac Lover’s Guide to Classic Cocktails’ at their leisure, available to browse at the 'Café de Martell'.


Rémy Martin invited guests to a sensory experience at Cognac Show. Their experiential room included Cognac and food pairings including aged Parmesan cheese, freshly shaved Bellota ham and carefully sourced cocoa beans used to make Pierre Marcolini chocolates. 

Playing on attendees' sense of taste, vision and hearing, Rémy Martin invited guests to experience the Rémy Martin mixed reality concepts, one of the very first HoloLens experiences ever created for consumers. Finally, the room included a photo booth for attendees to remember their experience with Rémy Martin.


Guests were invited to discover their favourite Hennessy x Ginger cocktail in the Hennessy Experiential room at show.

Through the classic cocktail forms of the Highball, Sour, and Old Fashioned serve style, Hennessy developed three original serves that explore the relationship between Hennessy VS and Ginger:

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