Founded in 1643 by Philippe Augier, a wine merchant, Augier is the oldest Cognac House.

Its history is that of a pioneering House that, through discovery and experimentation, has brought to light the wealth of the Cognac region’s terroirs and grapes.

As a family company, the Augier House exported to Britain, Flanders, Germany and elsewhere. In France, links were rapidly forged with the aristocracy and supplies sent to merchants in Versailles, and even the commander of the French naval fleet destined for Louisiana. Augier remained the largest Cognac House until the early 18th century.

Created to satisfy the demands of spirits connoisseurs constantly seeking new experiences, our Collection reveals three remarkable expressions of the Cognac region that will surprise and delight - L’Océanique from Oléron Island, Le Singulier 100% Folle Blanche grape, and Le Sauvage distilled with a high proportion of wine lees.

cognacs from augier available to sample at the show

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