Xavier and Pierre-Olivier
Xavier and Pierre-Olivier

The Philbert Family first distilled spirits at the end of the 19th century although they had been growing grapes much earlier in 1808.

In 2006 with a desire to preserve the family heritage brothers Pierre-Oliver and Xavier Precigout decided to continue the work of their parents. At that time the vineyards amounted to around 28 hectares.

In 2012 it was decided that they would create the brand Cognac Philbert. The name comes from their Mothers’ side of the family. They wanted the brand to reflect their personalities and showcase what they do best working with nature for the vines and the distillation and maturing of the Cognac.

The brothers have now taken the total area under vine to 150 hectares ensuring that they can select only the best grapes to produce Cognac Philbert.

Cognac Philbert was the first to make rare cask finished Cognacs using barrels previously used for producing Oloroso Sherry and Sauternes wine. They practice the art of distillation and ageing to provide a different aesthetic experience to the consumer.

Small traditional stills are used. Xavier distils the grapes from Petite Champagne at his Parents’ property in Etriac and Pierre-Olivier distils the Grande Champagne grapes at his property in Touzac.

Cognac Philbert specialise in small batch Cognac. All bottles are numbered by hand showing a batch number and a bottle number which ensures that they stand out from the norm of traditional Cognac enabling each limited release to have its own personality.

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